Dear Founder,

Here's the problem:

You're selling yourself short.

The reputation your business has right now doesn't line up with the vision you have for the future.

This surfaces in many ways:

  • Everyone describes you differently
  • You struggle to attract the "right" people
  • Marketing feels like an expense, not an investment
  • Your only "solution" is to copy someone else
  • It feels like you're shooting in the dark

This needs to change.

What if everything just fell into place?

Just imagine...

  • Being yourself and doing what you love
  • Creating your own market, free of competition
  • Winning over skeptics, without saying a word
  • Effortlessly attracting the right customers + employees
  • Ultimately watching your brand sell itself

But how?

In order to find alignment between yourself, your business, and your customers, we need to clearly articulate the best version of what you have to offer.

It all starts with clarity.

Here are three steps to make this a reality:

  1. Get clear on the unique value you offer
  2. Identify who would benefit from it most
  3. Become exactly what they're looking for

How I can help:

Daily Mailing List (Free)
Every day I write a short email to help you build a stronger brand. This is a good place to start.

The Foundation Blueprint ($10k)
A 5-week interactive workshop to find alignment between yourself, your business, and your ideal customer.

Copilot ($60k)
Work closely with me 1:1 over the course of six months to develop or refine your brand.

👋 Hi! My name is Charles

Since 2009, I've been working alongside entrepreneurs to help them articulate the value of what they have to offer.

I believe that the best way to build a brand that cuts through is not by running surveys, copying competitors, or using a framework... but by simply building something that's authentic to you.

By uncovering your unique value and presenting it with the right words and visuals, it will be obvious that you're the perfect fit for them.

But doing this alone is challenging. It can be very helpful to have someone in your corner to walk you through the process. Not someone to just help you develop a strategy, but to actually put it into action and build the thing.

That's where I come in.

I really believe that it’s my life’s work to help you articulate your unique value by whatever means necessary.

I hope to meet you soon!


Charles Miller, Platoon

It doesn't require a lot out of me. It's just the bare-bones essential, non-diluted version of what I need to hear. I'd rather do this than pay some agency to do all of this for me. It's a no-brainer.
Blake La Grange
Sean Lemke
Night Shift Skateboards
I’ve worked with Platoon on many occasions for full brand development with multiple business. I would trust them to advise on our brand image for any project.It's always a simple and easy process. They always come to the table with very strong ideas, making my life easy. I constantly get the question “Who did our branding?”
Kirk Slawek
Jen Bishop
Platoon's reputation is one of high respect and trust. We engaged them to solve a variety of issues, including brand creation, re-branding, website launches, creative strategy, and more. They've always been willing to push through obstacles we face to find solutions and keep us moving forward towards our goals. I know that I can always reach out to Charles & Platoon with my needs and receive valuable direction from them.

I consider Platoon to be a long-term partner that I can rely on and trust completely. Their work drove incredible results for my projects and elevated our brands substantially. Plus they're just easy to work with and great people overall. Platoon's approach to projects allows and encourages you to bring your dreams to the table and then helps chart a course to transforming those dreams into reality.
Adam Sadler
Arc Studios
My only regret is that we didn’t do this 3 years ago. This process has made me a believer in what you do and I’ve realized how critical branding and marketing really are, and why.
Weston McClure
The McClure Co
Randy McHugh
Platoon always takes care of me. Rather than try to fit me into a box, Charles and his team consistently take the time to understand my needs and my client's needs to produce a custom solution, whether it's website development, logo/branding creation, you name it.
Luke Myszka
Nashville Severe Weather